NPHTI Attendee Testimonials

“Excellent teaching format for the fundamentals workshop - I appreciated the flow and organization of the lectures and their progression on building upon fundamentals at a pace that is not too overwhelming. I appreciated the format of the presentation, demonstration, then small group application in order to immediately implement the principles and techniques taught.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“Excellent teaching strategies integrating didactically and practice. Great to get exposed to different faculty”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“Great conference! Well worth attending, and I will recommend it to others in my network. Challenging, exhausting yet invigorating programme. Thanks everyone!”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“Hands on practice was very helpful and integral to the course Instructors were exceptional especially in breakout sessions.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“I love how everyone is so welcoming and the sense of community that comes from this conference. Itis so fun to be part of a conference with people from all over the world. The conference is so well planned a d organized. I've never been to one so organized and so well planned out.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“The opportunities for experiential learning were exceptional.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019 

“Wonderful workshop with kind, dedicated, and talented faculty. I found the focus on learning by doing to be very important and helpful.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“Exceptional presentations that were concise and taught principles /methods in a way that was able to be comprehended, as simulated, with its teaching point clearly highlighted and implemented in each small group practice.”   NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“I really liked how the leader had the activity, goals, helpful suggestions, and objectives on the board I also appreciated getting the feedback sheets as well.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“I would definitely recommend for pain psychology and pediatric psychology. It is very helpful in teaching an additional tool to support comfort and coping, and also incredibly helpful in supporting the development of therapeutic language.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“Would love more professionals to learn this to help their patients.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“Transformative experience both professionally and personally” NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“What a great and intimate learning experience. I would definitely recommend this training to all.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“Attending this NPHTI workshop was invigorating, challenging and exciting. It was well structured and presented, with great faculty, staff and wonderful participants. The learning was both didactic and experiential. The workshop was intensive and extensive. I would readily recommend this to any clinicians interested in learning about hypnosis, developing their skills further and embedding practical skills in hypnosis into daily practice.”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“NHPTI provides a good combination of lectures  demos, and small groups practices that helps support the learning of a new clinical skill and supports increasing comfort with hypnosis . I believe the emphasis on therapeutic language was incredibly powerful and a tool to help deepen and strengthen any clinical skill set in order to support the development of rapport and help empower children and adolescents.” NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“Out of all the medical conferences I have attended in my budding medical career, the NPHTI workshop is the best workshop I have ever attended. It was personal and allowed for meaningful, valuable teaching moments . It taught material in an effective fashion that was not overwhelming.  I feel empowered to make a difference in my patient's experiences through conversational hypnosis and hypnotic language, and I am excited to practice these skills in the near future. I feel that these tools taught in the NPHTI workshop are important for every type of clinician and medical provider to have in their tool belt, for both self-care as a professional and to help heal their patients as well. I have learned about ways to help myself as a provider ("Physician, Heal Thyself" first came to mind).”  NPHTI Fundamentals 2019

“Didactic piece followed by demonstration, followed by small- group practice (with feedback) great way to learn and start to integrate.” NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“The combination of the lectures and practice sessions are fantastic”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“The small group practice is extremely valuable. I also appreciate the variety of clinical tutorials on the last day”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“I definitely feel that I have a stronger sense of direction in how I speak to my clients/patients, when I go to work on Monday”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“Really fulfilled my expectations. I was really looking forward coming back and now I feel more confident and have many tools to use.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“Small group activities and the faculty wisdom offered generously and sensitively sets this conference apart from others. I really feel like I have found wonderful group of mentors.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“The conference allowed me to further gain confidence in treating patients with varying medical and behavioral conditions.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“Appreciate the individualized approach in small group as well as encouragement to continue to incorporate to help patients in our practices.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“All were insightfull and stimulating. I come away with a sense of renewed motivation.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“After many years of attending NPHTI, I finally feel like I'm moving forward and getting the hang of this. The encouragement and support I've received from faculty and my fellow small group colleagues has really been tremendous.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“Every pediatrician should attend at least once”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“Fantastic learning experience with highly skilled and dedicated faculty.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“I would highly recommend that anyone contemplating learning about the use of pediatric clinical hypnosis attend a NPHTI conference. You can't beat learning from the world's best clinicians/practitioners.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“It's an amazing training and I have recommended it!”    NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“I find that each time I attend this workshop I learn so many useful ideas that I can bring back and use for my professional practice as well for my personal use. Thank you NPHTI for your excellent program and the small groups continue to be such a remarkable learning and networking opportunity.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“NPHTI and the field of hypnosis has changed my life for the better. It has changed how I think, and speak and how much time I give to patients. Even if a doc or caregiver never practices hypnosis, a NPHTI course will make them a better caregiver.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“NPHTI is a acronym that expresses the level of expertise and insight into a simply complicated area of clinical treatment. With skill the professionals who share their knowledge and expertise do so with a casual yet focused style one that challenges the attendee to come well prepared to learn and to share their own capability.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“NPHTI training is well designed and structured with a lot of practical exercise. I have developed very solid skills in pediatric hypnosis through this training. I recommend any professional working with children and young people to participate his training.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“The symbols of excellence covers this course in and out.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“This is the training that I wish I had in medical school or residency AND this is the training that I wish every health care provider was required to have.”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“This training has changed me professionally and personally! Thank you for sharing this amazing skill with me. I'm excited to continue sharing it with my clients!” NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“Year after year, this conference continues to touch my life and the lives of my patients in so many levels! I am in gratitude for all your work and your teachings!”  NPHTI Utilization/Clinical Applications 2019

“Both mentors encouraged us to recognize areas for growth in a way that was useful. Recognizing the importance of not getting caught up in process over content was extremely helpful for me. I am still very much in process with this while using hypnosis. This gave me permission that I needed to get back on track.”   NPHTI Individualized Consultation 2019

“I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and thoroughness with which all of the consultants were prepared. They created an environment of safety, learning and growth.”  NPHTI Individualized Consultation 2019

“IC is a unique safe place to go deeper into hypnosis skills in direct relation with your type of medical practice. Highly recommended for all.”  NPHTI Individualized Consultation 2019

“This was a great experience. I am leaving with far more than I came with. Thank you to the amazing faculty and all your work behind the scenes.  So grateful for all of you and what you contribute. You will never truly know the ripple effect in this lifetime!”  NPHTI Individualized Consultation 2019

“This training has brought me to a much better place with the use of hypnosis for children. The NPHTI Faculty are amazing and so encouraging. I would recommend this training to anyone in the Medical or Mental Health field.” NPHTI Individualized Consultation 2019