NPHTI is offering Scholarships for the 2021 Virtual Workshops!

The National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute (NPHTI) is offering scholarships to help to defray the annual workshop registration costs for clinicians and trainees who have limited monetary resources.

How to apply

NPHTI scholarships will be awarded to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Trainees (graduate students, interns, residents, and post-doctoral fellows) in clinical programs leading to licensure 
  • Licensed clinicians who live in resource limited countries
  • U.S. licensed clinicians with limited financial resources
  • Early career professionals (e.g. within 2 years after licensure) with limited financial resources
  • Trainees or licensed clinicians with limited financial resources who demonstrate plans to conduct research in the area of pediatric clinical hypnosis within the next 2 years

Applicants will meet all usual NPHTI criteria for admission to NPHTI’s workshops. Child health professionals eligible for scholarships include those in mental health, medicine, advanced practice nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language, child life, and dentistry. Family members of Board member, major contributors and members of any scholarship selection committee are disqualified from receiving scholarships.

If you meet the criteria above, apply by August 15, 2021 for a scholarship! Click here to download the scholarship application.


NPHTI Scholarships Policies & Procedures

Amount of scholarships

The Board shall establish a budget for the award of scholarships each year. The number and extent of the scholarships awarded shall be determined by the committee and reported to the Board. Scholarships for persons from resource poor countries will include the Early Bird registration.

The scholarship award does not go directly to the awardee but rather to NPHTI for registration fees.


Scholarship Promotion

NPHTI will promote the availability, criteria, and deadline of the scholarship on their annual Brochure, website, and Listserve no later than 3 months before the date of NPHTI’s annual Workshops.


Scholarship Selection Committee

The Board of Directors shall appoint a committee [of not less than 3 persons] no later than 3 months before the date of NPHTI’s annual Workshops to review scholarship applications for the annual Workshops.


Application Process

The application, which is available on the NPHTI website, must be received by the committee 3 months before the date of the Workshops. The applicant completes both the regular workshop registration and a scholarship application. The latter includes a personal statement essay addressing their financial need and how the NPHTI training will be incorporated into one’s career, daily work, or professional goals.


Selection Procedure

Guidelines for selection of awardees include:

  • Awardee meets all application eligibility criteria
  • Using a 0-5 ranking rubric, the committee will evaluate eligibility criteria for the workshop, the candidate statement, and demonstration of financial need

The committee shall begin the evaluation process after all applications are received and complete its work within three weeks of the submission deadline. The committee shall communicate in writing to all applicants the result of their determination. Those not selected will be able to register for the workshop at the Early Bird rate.

Any applicant who wishes may appeal the committee’s decision to the Board, provided that such appeal is delivered to the Board within 20 days of the applicant’s notification of the committee’s decision. Appeals shall be in writing and delivered to the President by national overnight courier or U.S. Mail, certified or registered, return receipt requested.


Evaluation of Scholarship Program

All recipients of NPHTI scholarships will be expected to complete the usual evaluations and to complete a second special evaluation a year later designed and distributed by the Committee to assess their incorporation of pediatric hypnosis skills in their work. This will allow NPHTI to make decisions about value and focus of the scholarships.


Donors to the Scholarship Fund

Recent regulations stipulate that donors and related parties may not control or influence the recipient selection process, and no donor or related party may receive a scholarship from the fund. Donors are defined as any individual, family, organization, group, or company that establishes or contributes to a scholarship fund. Related parties are the immediate and extended family of the donor and their advisors, attorneys, official delegates, etc.

The Committee is required to confirm that any non-U.S. citizen who receives a scholarship is not on a published "Specifically Designated Nationals" terrorism watch list. Any candidate who is on the list is ineligible for the award of a scholarship.