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NPHTI Listserv Goal
Our Listserv is a safe, supportive forum in which all NPHTI faculty, and almost all of our past workshop attendees, are able to refine, define, and shine a light on the practice of pediatric clinical hypnosis for and with one another. It’s the ongoing “workshop” of our everyday clinical and hypnosis experiences and a place to bring questions, successes, and pearls of wisdom. It’s amazingly empowering to have a large array of colleagues and friends on six continents ready, able, and willing to collaborate and congratulate. Connection and consultation with our community is just an email away! Sharing with each other expands our mutual knowledge and experience; promotes reflection, continued education, and growth; and ultimately maximizes the service that we provide to our patients, clients, and their families.

NPHTI Listserv Membership
This is a closed Google group listserv, i.e. membership and posting is by invitation only. Membership is limited to NPHTI graduates and faculty, all SDBP (Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics) Pediatric Hypnosis Workshop alumni, and selected other workshops with comparable pediatric hypnosis training approved by NPHTI. Invitations are sent out to our workshop attendees shortly after completion of their first workshop with us. We find that limiting the membership to those who have trained with us allows for an understanding of our shared clinical philosophy and high quality discourse.

If you attended any of these workshops and are not yet a member of this Listserv, please contact our NPHTI Listserv Manager, Adam Keating, M.D. He can be contacted by submitting your request after clicking on the following link: [email protected]

Once a NPHTI Listserv member, please be sure to read the Guidelines for Posting Messages on the NPHTI Google site as well as other helpful hints sent to you. 

The following link is for those who are already members:

For more detailed support, YouTube also offers some excellent tutorials for the use of Google Groups.

Listserv History
Coinciding with our inaugural 2010 NPHTI Workshops in Minneapolis NPHTI’s Listserv was launched. During the 2002 Advanced Pediatric Hypnosis Workshop (at that time, sponsored by the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics-SDBP, Seattle), the trainees created the first pediatric hypnosis listserv, called the Pediatric Guerilla Hypnosis listserv. The intention was to provide a forum for dialogue among faculty and clinicians around the world with advanced pediatric hypnosis training and a commitment to excellence in the utilization of pediatric hypnosis and hypnotherapy with children, youth, and families.

Bob Deutsch, PhD., a NPHTI Faculty member, was our initial (and outstanding!) manager. He continued leadership and guidance as the workshops transitioned from SDBP to NPHTI. Andy Barnes, M.D., another member of the NPHTI Faculty family, was Bob’s successor. Andy provided stellar management of the Listserv from 2012 to 2019. Adam Keating, M.D., also a NPHTI Faculty member, took the helm in 2019 and NPHTI remains in great hands as we move into this next decade.