Audio-Visual Materials

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Kaiser, P.  (2016). Working Hypnotically with Children and Teens. Online Webinar (60-min.).

Kaiser, P. (2013). Childhood Anxiety, Fear and Worries: Individualizing Hypnosis for Self-Regulation. Michael Yapko’s 2013 Online Webinar Series: The Heads & Tales of Clinical Hypnosis:  Candid Conversations with the Experts. 

Kohen, Daniel P. (2021). Interview by Ben Furman, M.D., (Finland) – topics focused on Behavioral Medicine, Child Psychiatry, Bed Wetting, Habits,  Rapport. Accessible on You Tube:

Kuttner, L. (2013). Dancing with Pain. DVD. Youth with Chronic Pain. (20 min.)  [email protected]

Kuttner, L. (2003). Making Every Moment Count Documentary (38 min.) Co-production with The National Film Board of Canada. 1-800-267-7710

Kuttner, L.  “No Fears, No Tears” (29mins). DVD available from  email: [email protected]  US or Canada: 1-800-331-1533 x 3 or Crown House Publishing at 

Kuttner, L.  “No Fears, No Tears 13 years later: Children coping with pain” (46 mins).  DVD available:  email: [email protected]; or, Crown House Publishing at 

Lazarus, J. (2014). “Keeping the Bed Dry.” Video (44 min.) designed for families as a comprehensive program that incorporates medical hypnosis to treat nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting). 

Sugarman, L.I. (2006). “Hypnosis in pediatric practice: Imaginative medicine in action.”  (70 min.) DVD and booklet. Carmarthen, Wales: Crown House Publishing. 

Sesame Street: Common and Colbie Caillat sing "Belly Breathe" with Elmo. (2:25 min.) FREE.

Thomas, J.  (2017). Project Director, Primary Consultant: “You Are The Boss Of Your Brain: Learning How to Manage Pain During Medical Procedures” (13 min.) Produced by Stanford Children's Health and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. FREE